From 1962/63: Language school, Sandwich Recordings – an individual business owned by Manfred Bühring.
From 1967/68: Ms Kokkinis-Brotz (Dipl.-Dolm.) and Mr Kokkinis, the two managing directors of BBK today, work for Sandwich Recordings as freelance employees developing their own teaching materials, together with others, for adult education and running teacher training courses.

Among others these include:
  • 1963 – approx. 1999: "Sandwich Recordings"
    English course with 50 units
  • 1968 – approx. 1995: "Sandwich Recordings Police Terminology" English course for police officers
  • 1972 – approx. 2005: „Notizentechnik" (Notation Technique) Notation technique training book for interpreters – a technique that can be used independently of the interpreter's language(s)
  • 1972 – approx. 1973: „Deutsch wie Sie es brauchen" ("German as you need it")
    German course for foreign workers in Germany
  • since 1967: Flip Cards
From 1967:
Recognising the growing demand for language services at trade fairs, the trade fair hostess service "Inter Hostess Service" was founded with the emphasis on foreign languages.
The two individual enterprises Sandwich Recordings and Inter Hostess Service merge to form BBK Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen mbH - founded by Ms Heidrun Brotz (Dipl.-Dolm.), Ms H. Bühring and Mr Gerasimos Kokkinis.
Early 1974: One of the partners, Ms Bühring, leaves the young company.

The business areas of interpreting, trade fair hostesses and translations are further expanded.
Mr Walter Brotz becomes Vice President of BBK Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen mbH.

09.09.1988: BBK Übersetzungsdienst GmbH is founded.
April 2003: Constant growth makes it necessary for the company to move into new offices at Marktstraße 4, Germersheim. More than 10 employees now work in these offices – BBK employees also include 1,500 flexible staff, more than 200 freelance interpreters and over 450 freelance translators.
April 2006: After completing her training and dual study degree, Ms Alexandra Kokkinis (Dipl.-Kauffrau (FH)) joins the company as an assistant to the management. Thus the second generation of the family joins the company.
September 2009: After 21 years, our translation services subsidiary BBK Übersetzungsdienst GmbH is being reintegrated into BBK Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen mbH in order to ensure that our customers benefit from even greater synergies.
July 2010: Changes to the company management:
Mr Walter Brotz, authorised signatory, has left the company at his own request.
Ms Alexandra Kokkinis has been named as the company's third Managing Director.
Mr Brotz takes with him our warmest wishes for his future and our thanks for a long and successful relationship with our company!