Flip Cards

- No longer available. -

Would you like to brush up your language skills? Instead of just learning individual words, it makes more sense to practice complete phrases - and Flip Cards are the ideal solution!

Ever since they were launched in 1971, Flip Cards (previously known as Sandwich Recordings) have been helping people to improve their language skills more easily than they ever imagined - especially in adult education. 

560 complete phrases with commonly used idiomatic expressions and important sentences from everyday situations are available in the following languages:

English / French / Italian / Russian / Spanish

Why Flip Cards?

  • Because they use the results of the latest scientific research: stop learning individual words, start learning complete phrases in context.
  • Because the choice of phrases is based on the frequency the phrases are used in the foreign language.
  • Because these numbered cards feature the foreign text on one side of the card and the corresponding German expression on the other. This allows you to check your own suggestion.
  • Because they give you the opportunity to expand the card index yourself with additional phrases - perhaps relating to your professional activities. Blank cards are provided for this purpose.

There are so many reasons for using our Flip Cards. They are good value. They have been used successfully for many years. Try them for yourself. You will be surprised at the results.