Heidrun Kokkinis-Brotz

Certified Interpreter
Founding partner of BBK Gesellschaft für moderne Sprachen mbH

As a sworn translator and interpreter, Heidrun Kokkinis-Brotz is authorised to certify legal translations (German, English, Russian) and to interpret at court hearings. She is also a member of the BDÜ (German Translators and Interpreters Association).

She was the chief hostess of the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, chief hostess and trainer at the Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck in 1976 and Lake Placid in 1980, interpreter at the Olympic Conference in Baden-Baden in 1981 for the Calgary Bid Committee for the Winter Olympic Games in 1988, chief hostess in the German camp in Sarajevo in 1984, chief hostess at the stand of the City of Frankfurt in Seoul in 1988 and interpreter for the Berlin Bid Committee in Europe and overseas in 1992. 

Ms Kokkinis-Brotz is therefore familiar with the challenges faced by the organisers of large events and knows, which staff members are qualified to handle each particular task.

She is responsible for acquisition and public relations.